Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's just say a lot's happened since my last entry.
For instance, I had a baby!  So what's it like teaching and doing mathematics with a baby?
Let me just tell you that my 8-month-old does not think that he should have to share me with my computer...

   After a particularly productive bit of time spent typing on my computer, feeling proud of myself, and ready to email my work out, I realized that I had been ignoring the little firefly who was screaming and wailing for me to pay attention to him.  So I picked him up, and as I turned around, he spit up ever-so-adeptly on my keyboard.  Of all the directions he could have chosen, the spit-up landed just so, and tt took me a second to realize that my computer was probably fried.  After turning it off, waiting a while, and turning it on only to find out that the "k" key now controlled the volume of the speakers, I went to try and get it repaired!  "Water-damaged?" they asked.  "Why, whatever do you mean?" I replied.

   Another morning, after staying up late to grade a katrillion exams, my kiddo woke up with a fever!  Teething had commenced, and he didn't really care if I still had the last day of classes, reviews, extra office hours, and more grading to contend with.  What good are exams unless you can chew on them?

   But really he's a pleasure--- in office hours, he plays in the pack 'n play quietly while my students do math at the board, and they are more likely to try and engage him then he is to distract them.  That's right, I take him to school with me about once a week.  And no, I don't leave him in daycare.  Either my husband, one of my friends, or myself takes care of our sweet baby at all times....

   But I'd like to hear if anyone else in mathematics has stories about raising children while working.  I'd especially like to hear about women who are doing that...  I don't meet too many, but maybe that's just because we're all too busy to be bumming around at coffee shops or chit-chatting in the hallways....or reading/writing obscure blogs :).....

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  1. Hii just read your post and felt many similarities between you and me working while raising up a kid and that too doing mathematics.

    I am pursuing my PhD in Mathematics and have a one year old son. Though my husband and in laws are very supportive, yet I have to go beyond my capabilities to handle all these things. It is really a challenge in every woman's life to have family and doing research simultaneously and both are important. So, cheering you up for the great job you are doing and feeling a sense of being proud of all those women who are doing not only Mathematics, but any kind of job and at the same time taking care of their families.